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As a read your poem I pictured myself and I saw myself in a different light. I need help Reply. Read complete story. Be aware that if you wear long-sleeved shirts on hot summer days, you might get questions from people who are curious about why. They say the cutters are stupid, or show-offs. Stay in touch with us!

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AM Alyssa Marshall Dec 7,

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Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo

You might also like …. I'm 12, will be 13 in March. But what is now going on in schools is like a diluted version of this self-mutilation, part of a grunge culture, a tribute to people such as Richey Edwards in Manic Street Preachers who once carved '4 Real' into his forearm, and has been missing for seven yearsan overt display of sorrow. This poem relates to me perfectly. I relate to this poem so much, I am a current cutter. I want to just end it a lot but you can't, you just got to keep pushing. It was the worst year of my life, and things have not gotten better since then.

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emo cuts on their legs
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emo cuts on their legs
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emo cuts on their legs