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Pakistani women dance and sing even in the most conservative towns, but usually only with trusted family. The Chilas sisters are not the only Pakistani girls who have had their private moments hijacked and sexualized for public consumption. You can look to these topics for inspiration if you are trying to create the next YouTube hit to shock, awe and entertain the world. If you have a video of your pet or any cute animal doing something sickly sweet and absolutely adorable, upload it to YouTube. Adweek Adweek. However, if you can pull off just the right combination of humor and insult without being distasteful you could be in for YouTube fame and glory. Kicesie video blogs about anything and everything having to do with sex.

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The Chilas sisters, it seems, were also living out a fantasy:

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Mistakes Were Made: YouTube sorry for banning video of Kate Upton dirty dancing

The Chilas sisters, it seems, were also living out a fantasy: TV Upfronts. User Kicesie is the leader on this front. These are the videos that everyone talks about. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and Privacy Policy. People seem to get a real kick out of kids and babies. Features navigate down.

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